“Follow Me.” Please!

“Follow me on social media!” This is a well know phrase we hear
and see on every platform and video app or streaming website these days.
“Follow me.” “Like me.” “Subscribe to me.”
“Click the bell for notifications”, and on and on the familiar
jargon goes in the online era.


We are well familiar with the way it works. The more a post is viewed, then
the greater the percentage is that someone will click the like button. If they
like our posts, they may even subscribe and become a follower of ours. If we have
enough people following, we become what social media platforms call an
“influencer.” This online society is popularity driven and we are
received and evaluated on how well our content is “liked” by our
niche audience groups.

While I have been considering these new norms in our society, I tried to
remember the first time I heard anyone say, “follow me.” I must have
been six or maybe eight years old. I was born in the early 70’s so, I didn’t
hear it online. I didn’t even hear it on my weekly infusion of Saturday morning
cartoons. No, I heard “follow me” for the first time in Sunday
School. Jesus was the very first to say, “follow me”, people did and
still do. What a trend he started.

We know from the Bible that Jesus was probably the most selfless man who
ever lived or ever will live. He served others even up until his very last
moments. He never asked people to “like him”, or to even “give him
a thumbs up”, but he did ask people to “follow him.” Follow the
example of the way he lived, loved, and served others.

So, the next time we read or hear the phrase “follow me.” Maybe we
will remember where it was first coined. Maybe, we will recall it means so much
more. Perhaps we will even dare to respond to the invitation and follow his example
and everyday, choose to help someone out along the way.

“Love is not self-seeking…”