white printer paper with be kind text on plants


Sometimes, I struggle to be kind, it happens. I’m not a mean or vengeful person but occasionally, I am distracted and in the moment uninterested in the conversation. For example, people often share with me their health issues and deep dive into great detail. I have genuine concern for the person but I’m not really interested in regards to their routine colonoscopy. I frequently help people who have health issues in anyway possible but the details seem to be more than I can process. I listen without interrupting them and nod at all the appropriate times but after the conversation I often feel I missed the mark in showing them genuine concern and kindness.

In 1937, Walter Winchell said, “It is swell to be important—but more important to be swell!” Writers and speakers came along afterward and exchanged the word swell for nice and the modern adage was coined. “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” I hope that my willingness to listen to the details and frequent offers to help in anyway I can (within reason), is regarded as “nice” and kind. Maybe listening shows a kindness often overlooked in our society today.

“Love is kind…” 1st Cor. 13:4